Hi! My name is Dan Dickman and I am an artist. This is my story.

A native of Riverside, California, I attended Riverside City College from 1964-1970. There I studied fine arts under O. K. Harry, William Mitchell and Lawrence Cooper. In 1970 the college purchased one of my paintings.

Professor Cooper asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I replied that I wanted to be a painter, and he said "it's time to leave here and go paint."

Carol, my redheaded soulmate/wife and I moved to Owens Valley. We have found one adventure after another. Carol has given me encouragement and support down the path of being an artist. We now reside in the small town of Keeler, California, where I currently maintain a large studio.

Over the years I have had the privelege of receiving awards and honors for various art projects and shows. I have shown in galleries in California and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I have taught as an artist in the classroom, adult education, community college, and have done several workshops, demos and lectures.

In the Owens Valley, I have helped organize workshops for my friends, artists and teachers Bob Eucker and Henry Fukuhara. Henry has opened my mind, eyes and heart to the events of life in a relocation camp at Manzanar.

I would like to express my attitude on art by offering a quote:

"A painting is good not because it looks like something, but rather because it feels like something."

Phil Dyke


Contact information

E-mail: studio@dandickman.com